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Fluorometer for surface waters

Direct immersion in water flows (0-20 m depth), springs or as laboratory fluorometer for fast sample measurements. Can be as well used with quick-connect fittings and 6 mm tubings. Up to 4 light sources cover the whole optical spectrum. Casing : stainless steel. Optional: aluminium. The sonde connects through a 4-wire signal cable to a waterproof box hosting a datalogger and 1 or 2 batteries. The datalogger provides power, timing, clock and data storage capability. The signal is transmitted in digital form.

Number of optics4
Turbidity detection0.02 to 400 NTU
Detection limit2 x 10-11 g/ml typical (uranine)
Minimum acquisition interval4 seconds
Communication interfaceRS232
Acquisition current consumption8mA to 28mA
Analog to digital conversion24 bit unipolar
Cable connection15 m or more. weight 1kg/10m
Built-in thermometer - precision0.1°C
Built-in thermometer - resolution0.034°C

  • 160mm diameter
  • 17cm height
  • IP68 Stainless steel
  • 7.3kg
  • 12V (9 to 15V) DC power

Use Cases
  • Hydrology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Speleology