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Three available data loggers for the FL24 and/or FL30 fluorometer probe

Please note that only one probe can be connected at a time to the data logger.  However a PC can be used as data logger for several probes. For this, you need a USB to multiple RS232 interface. Several instances of the FLUO program can run and collect the data of several probes.


1.       Data logger with one 2GB-Compact Flash card, no display, RS232 interface, sampling rate from 2 seconds to 15 minutes plus external rate, and optics selection by rotating switches. Waterproof casing in cast-Al or Pelican. 

a.       Pros: Small sensitivity to humidity, small current consumption (one 12V 7Ah battery lasts several months), easy interface for PC with COM ports.

b.      Cons: Rudimentary file system (only one file on the CD), no LCD display, no GPRS option.

c.       Recommended for:  Long-lasting tracer tests, speleology


2.       Data logger with Controlord Gigalog S microcontroller. One microSD 2 GB-card. LCD display on 2x16 char. USB interface. Full DOS file system, sampling rate from 2 seconds to 15 minutes, and optics selection by rotating switches. Waterproof casing in cast-Al.

a.       Pros: File system on modern flash cards, display of mV and ppb data, GPRS option.

b.      Cons: Requires strict humidity control with desiccant bag (silicagel). Higher current consumption: one 12V 7Ah battery for 3 to 4 weeks.

c.       Recommended for: General use, stream gauging



3.       Same as (2) but the electronic circuit is protected in a polyamid box with transparent lid for reading the LCD. This box is protected in a Peli case with one or 2 batteries. The user is not supposed to open the internal box. The content of the flash card is downloaded in a few seconds through the USB interface. The rotating switches are replaced by 2 push buttons.

a.       Pros: Better protection against humidity and water damages

b.      Cons: Needs a laptop for data download

c.       Recommended for: General use, stream gauging, high condensing humidity.


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